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Use ROI to achieve virtualization success

Lack of an ROI analysis makes it less likely that organizations will adopt a strategic approach to virtualizing their data centers. Mixed environments of both physical and virtual machines instead continue to perpetuate the difficulties of a physical infrastructure while also incorporating new complexities of a virtual environment – straining the limited financial and staffing resources available.
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Calculating the optimal Microsoft SQL licenses for virtualization

Microsoft’s new SQL products, licensing and policies makes calculating the optimal type and number of SQL Server licenses complex, particularly with a mix of SQL Standard and Enterprise instances. This updated on-line calculator provides the lowest-cost licensing option for SQL Server when licensed by processor on a 2-CPU virtualization host.
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Virtualization licensing savings for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server products

Today’s savings are far more significant as Microsoft has added beneficial products and policies while much more robust hardware and hypervisor technologies enable higher densities of virtual machines to hosts. This article provides an updated description of the virtualization licensing parameters for both Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server along with a calculator designed to determine virtualization licensing savings.
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