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Why VMware Continues to Dominate Despite Hyper-V Advances

The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure includes Microsoft in the leader quadrant, albeit well west and south of VMware which moved still further to the upper right, but analysts again are speculating that VMware’s dominance may be vulnerable.
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Why a physical mindset and virtual infrastructure don’t mix

VMware and others talk about the virtualization journey which chronicles the lifecycle of an organization from its first forays into virtualization until it reaches the private cloud end goal where IT is provisioned as a service. But most organizations encounter a phenomenon known as virtual stall which derails their progress along the virtualization journey – typically south of the 50% virtualization mark
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Response to HP blog post on innovation

The theme of Brad’s post is that HP is in the vanguard of breaking down IT silos, yet HP continues to propagate them by pitching Virtual Connect to server teams as a way to manage the switches without the inconvenience of network group oversight. EMC, on the other hand, partners with VMware and Cisco to enable a virtual infrastructure platform that both enables and encourages productive collaboration between functional teams.
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