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Why a physical mindset and virtual infrastructure don’t mix

VMware and others talk about the virtualization journey which chronicles the lifecycle of an organization from its first forays into virtualization until it reaches the private cloud end goal where IT is provisioned as a service. But most organizations encounter a phenomenon known as virtual stall which derails their progress along the virtualization journey – typically south of the 50% virtualization mark
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Book review: Visible Ops Private Cloud: from virtualization to private cloud in 4 practical steps.

Authors Andi Mann, Kurt Milne and Jeanne Moran have written an IT Process Institute publication, Visible Ops Private Cloud: From Virtualization to Private Cloud in 4 Practical Steps. This book is short, easy to follow and engaging. It not only is worth reading, but essential for any IT leader considering virtualization or private cloud technologies.
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The Cloudcast (.NET)

On The Cloudcast (www.cloudcast.net) last week I spoke about ROI for Private Cloud, VMstall (giving credit to Computer Associate’s Andi Mann for coining the term), the future VDI convergence with Collaboration and the emerging new role of Cloud Integrator. Show notes, downloads and links to the podcast for iTunes and Stitcher can be found on the website.
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