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Channel Disrupt – my new blog site

I have started a new blog, Channel Disrupt, focused on the massive changes going on inside and outside of the datacenter, and how they’re impacting channel infrastructure partners. If you are part of, or interact with, the IT channel – … Continue reading

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Software is also eating the data center

Mark Andreesen’s famous August 2011 WSJ article, Why Software Is Eating the World, discusses how software companies, especially Silicon Valley firms, are disrupting industries across the planet. Most big data center players still cling to the hardware-based models of yore. … Continue reading

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BYOD as part of a Desktop-as-a-Service Strategy

BYOD increases productivity. At least that’s a common justification for acquiescing to employee demands that they be allowed to use their personal devices in the workplace. But while working with familiar computing devices may make individuals more productive, the resulting lack of device and data respository standardization can mean productivity reduction on an organizational level. Fortunately, just as server virtualization has helped unify data center computing, so can desktop virtualization – when implemented as a desktop-as-a-service strategy, mitigate the BYOD computing inefficiencies.
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