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Why a physical mindset and virtual infrastructure don’t mix

VMware and others talk about the virtualization journey which chronicles the lifecycle of an organization from its first forays into virtualization until it reaches the private cloud end goal where IT is provisioned as a service. But most organizations encounter a phenomenon known as virtual stall which derails their progress along the virtualization journey – typically south of the 50% virtualization mark
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Jumpstarting VM Stall

According to VMware, the endpoint of the virtualization journey should ideally be enterprise-wide IT as a Service. The lure of large cost savings, flexibility, and even the eco-benefits of a virtualized data center should be driving organizations to quickly expand their initial virtualization projects into enterprise implementations. But more often than not, virtualization deployments sputter, leaving the organizations with hybrid virtual and physical infrastructures.
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Is the success of Cisco UCS real?

Virtualization is an exceptional technology in that it enhances staff capabilities, reduces risk of downtime and significantly facilitates “green initiatives” all while providing a remarkable and easily measurable ROI. Organizations want the benefits while IT personnel want the technology – but many need assistance in getting past the VM Stall. Cisco UCS’s success will continue because it significantly accelerates what VMware calls “the virtualization journey”.
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