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All in with Nutanix: DH Technologies

Devin Henderson started DH Technologies with 12 employees on May 1st of 2013 after breaking off from a 3-year old solutions provider in which he was a partner. His new firm began selling Nutanix on the first day, and received … Continue reading

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Who really invented virtual desktops?

A CIO article on 10/08/2010 by Kevin Fogarty launched a Twitter debate this morning as to whether or not “VMware invented desktop virtualization” as claimed by VMware vice president of desktop products, Vittorio Viarengo. Andi Mann and Michael Keen both made the case that Citrix enabled desktop virtualization long before VMware. Keen tweeted, “Citrix ‘WinView’ circa 1993. VMW wasn’t even a twinkle in Diane & Mendel’s eye.”
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Why VMware reps should embrace Pano Logic to spur desktop virtualization sales

VMware is in the enviable position of continuing to dominate an industry. Nonetheless, as virtualization continues to rapidly expand, it is inevitable that VMware’s market share will slip. By embracing contributory eco-partners such as Pano Logic, VMware reps can help maintain the majority share of a much larger pie.
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