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VXI: Phase 2 of Cisco’s virtualization strategy

Madden dismisses VXI as a “reference architecture”, but this would be comparable to calling the VCE Vblock simply a reference architechture for a private cloud infrastructure. Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI) is a solution initiated by Cisco, but it cleverly redefines the VDI category to include not only virtual desktops, but also voice, phone, video, Telepresence and collaboration. It incorporates contributions from ecopartners such as EMC, Wyse, VMware and Citrix.
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Unified Communications on Cisco UCS: The final vDC frontier

Virtualization has increasingly been unifying not only servers, storage and network, but also disaster recovery and desktops. But even as traditional PBXs have transitioned to IP communications, voice remains a silo with separate infrastructure and management from the rest of the virtualized data center. That changes on April 15 when select Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(2) applications are supported as VMware virtual machines running on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).
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