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Enterprise Cloud For business success and IT relevance

The easier you make it for your business to use IT, the more your company will rely upon, IT.  We know that thanks to an economic theory called Jevons paradox. The Jevons paradox states that as technology evolves and processes … Continue reading

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Microsoft recycles same old VMware smack

The premise that VMware is stuck in the virtualization past is nonsensical, but Microsoft may be striving for “cool” rather than reason. Perhaps the folks in Redmond are still smarting from the famous “I’m a Mac” campaign and consider VMlimited as their opportunity to play the hip underdog role this time around.
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Cloud computing lessons from bacterium

Whether small or large, the cloud computing model holds promise of increased efficiencies, scalability and support by enabling companies to outsource varying levels of their IT infrastructures. Like the tryptophan synchronizing bacterium, organizations unwilling to relinquish their internal equipment may place themselves at a competitive disadvantage.
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