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Let’s port Oracle and SAP to run inside the hypervisor

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of Nutanix, just wrote a comment to Nigel Poulton’s blog, VSAN is No Better than a HW Array. The post is good, but I particularly like the comments. Dheeraj does a technical deep dive into why it … Continue reading

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Mark Brunstad, former VMware VCDX Program Manager, joins Nutanix

I am very pleased to add my welcome to @MarkBrunstad who joined Nutanix today as Manager, Curriculum Development, nu.school – Educational Services function within Nutanix Global Services. Mark is well-known in the virtualization industry for building VMware’s vaunted VCDX program. … Continue reading

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Customers embracing Vblocks, but VCE sales harmony a work in progress

When Vblocks were first announced, It seemed unlikely that the different IT functional groups would agree to purchase a single solution set from Cisco, EMC and VMware. The typically dissimilar purchasing and depreciation cycles of the various VCE components would further amplify the resistence. Surprisingly, customer demand for Vblock appears robust. On the other hand, some unanticipated challenges are impacting the manufacturer side of the selling equation.
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