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Is Nutanix a VMware copycat?

“When Nutanix has gone down stack to try to build their own hypervisor, across stack to build their own networking, and now going upstack to compete against Horizon—we view it as sort of a copycat, wannabe VMware move.” –  VMware … Continue reading

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The rise of native virtualization

“Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine.” – Terminator 3 Virtualization as a stand-alone product has had an incredible run the past 15 years and has transformed IT across the globe. But server virtualization, like storage deduplication and compression before it, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Nutanix’s New Customer Success Division

Most organizations deploy Nutanix either to facilitate individual use cases or as a strategic platform. The strategic approach more quickly moves IT out of legacy infrastructure and  better positions IT to achieve business objectives such as digital transformation. But successful … Continue reading

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