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Microsoft says VMware has determined virtualization is an OS feature. What?

Microsoft makes a rather inexplicable, and clearly incorrect, argument that VMware now has embraced Microsoft’s perspective. It’s remarkable not because of the misunderstanding of VMware products or strategies, but because it unabashedly proclaims what has previously been a less emphasized assertion: “Virtualization is simply a role within the Windows® operating environment.”
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Microsoft pushes virtualization partners to promote Hyper-V

Microsoft’s new Virtualization Partner Profitability Kit claims the lower cost of the Redmond giant’s virtualization offering allows partners to “sell more of it”. But VMware provides the best and easiest way for organizations to achieve their overall business goals which, in the end, is the best way for a partner to build a successful and profitable consultancy.
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Calculating the optimal Microsoft SQL licenses for virtualization

Microsoft’s new SQL products, licensing and policies makes calculating the optimal type and number of SQL Server licenses complex, particularly with a mix of SQL Standard and Enterprise instances. This updated on-line calculator provides the lowest-cost licensing option for SQL Server when licensed by processor on a 2-CPU virtualization host.
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