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Use ROI to achieve virtualization success

Lack of an ROI analysis makes it less likely that organizations will adopt a strategic approach to virtualizing their data centers. Mixed environments of both physical and virtual machines instead continue to perpetuate the difficulties of a physical infrastructure while also incorporating new complexities of a virtual environment – straining the limited financial and staffing resources available.
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Microsoft pushes virtualization partners to promote Hyper-V

Microsoft’s new Virtualization Partner Profitability Kit claims the lower cost of the Redmond giant’s virtualization offering allows partners to “sell more of it”. But VMware provides the best and easiest way for organizations to achieve their overall business goals which, in the end, is the best way for a partner to build a successful and profitable consultancy.
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Microsoft’s attempt to commoditize virtualization

Both financial and industry analysts have berated VMware over the past 18 months for refusing to reduce prices despite Microsoft’s commoditization of the hypervisor. The vast savings enabled from virtualizing a production data center make any delta in hypervisor costs a rounding error. Virtualization as a feature of the operating system is less than compelling to those organizations committed to an enterprise virtualization strategy. “Good enough” is not good enough.
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