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Getting private cloud? Better change your funding model

Another term for private cloud is IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). IT must mirror public cloud providers by charging users for resource consumption. Without the natural consequences resulting from a pay-as-you-go model, users tend to over-consume. A chargeback model drives efficiency because users naturally want to minimize their costs. When a BU manager sees, for example, that her department is being charged each month for the 20 VMs they no longer use, she takes the initiative to have them decommissioned.
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Microsoft recycles same old VMware smack

The premise that VMware is stuck in the virtualization past is nonsensical, but Microsoft may be striving for “cool” rather than reason. Perhaps the folks in Redmond are still smarting from the famous “I’m a Mac” campaign and consider VMlimited as their opportunity to play the hip underdog role this time around.
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What does the future hold for IT skill sets?

I’ve visited a few large organizations where the server, network and storage functional groups had, for the most part, never even met. I’ve been been to many others where the different groups knew each other, but didn’t get along. Virtualization blurs the the former crisp lines of functional demarcation, rendering this stovetype model of IT specialization obsolete. Adoption of hybrid cloud environments brings additional pressures for change.
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