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Calculating the optimal Microsoft SQL licenses for virtualization

Microsoft’s new SQL products, licensing and policies makes calculating the optimal type and number of SQL Server licenses complex, particularly with a mix of SQL Standard and Enterprise instances. This updated on-line calculator provides the lowest-cost licensing option for SQL Server when licensed by processor on a 2-CPU virtualization host.
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Addressing concerns about the “newness” of Cisco UCS

Despite Cisco’s recent entry into the “compute” data center sector, John Chambers said during the 10/24/2009 quarter earnings call that the UCS is experiencing, “…solid market reception with a very good initial ramp and order pipeline.” As the first optimized hosting platform for a virtualized data center, Cisco Unified Computing System has generated tremendous industry buzz with many organizations eager to acquire it. Not unexpectedly, others are more cautious about moving to this new type of virtualization architecture. The following are some common IT staff concerns and how IT leaders can address them.
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