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Software is also eating the data center

Mark Andreesen’s famous August 2011 WSJ article, Why Software Is Eating the World, discusses how software companies, especially Silicon Valley firms, are disrupting industries across the planet. Most big data center players still cling to the hardware-based models of yore. … Continue reading

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Unified Communications on Cisco UCS: The final vDC frontier

Virtualization has increasingly been unifying not only servers, storage and network, but also disaster recovery and desktops. But even as traditional PBXs have transitioned to IP communications, voice remains a silo with separate infrastructure and management from the rest of the virtualized data center. That changes on April 15 when select Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(2) applications are supported as VMware virtual machines running on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).
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The multi-hypervisor fallacy

Multi-hypervisor advocates like to point to the mixed server operating systems of a traditional data center as evidence that a heterogeneous environment can thrive. But the propensity of disjointed technologies, equipment and processes is certainly not planned – it’s driven by disparate application and departmental projects. Virtualization, when deployed as the underlying platform, enables data center unification. Utilizing multiple hypervisors, on the other hand, not only perpetuates the inefficient status quo, it adds yet more islands of technology to manage and coordinate.
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