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Would you like some cloud with that?

VMware’s vCloud Suite promotion is a brilliant move in the chess game of market share. It potentially puts the foundational products for VMware’s cloud strategy into hundreds of thousands of customer environments while offering them both a vision and tangible path for transformation to software-defined datacenters.
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Virtual Desktops are the gateway to cloud computing

Virtual desktops (vDTs) are not typically perceived as harbingers of Cloud Computing. For one thing, Microsoft makes it challenging for Cloud providers to host them. And cloud computing frameworks generally do not include virtual desktops – even VMware vCloud Director lacks integration with VMware View. Nonetheless, virtual desktop deployments are increasingly acting as gateways to cloud computing.
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Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Computing

While cloud computing has garnered exceptional mindshare – even outside of IT, most organizations are unprepared to adopt it on an enterprise scale. They first must overcome technology, organizational and process hurdles.
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