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Teradici RDSH expands VMware View scenarios

Teradici RDSH may not be positioned as a competitive solution to Citrix XenApp, but some firms will inevitably consider it as an alternative. And organizations already running XenApp may be influenced as well. By eliminating the requirement to broker XenApp with HDX/ICA, Teradici RDSH may, in certain environments, shift the connection broker migration decision from XenDesktop to View.
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The Why of VDI

Despite the huge industry fervor around VDI, virtualizing desktops is much more challenging than virtualizing data centers and encompasses both technical hurdles and a less apparent ROI. Also factoring in are hundreds or thousands of users with differing expectations and perceptions. Yet, the most common question I get from organizations considering a virtual desktop deployment is whether to use VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop. Some even kick off their VDI efforts with a Proof-of-Concept comparing the two connection brokers side by side. Taking a product-centric approach to VDI, however, is likely to create unnecessary difficulties and can potentially result in project stall or outright failure.
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VDI vs. SBC: ROI case study

A financial services firm recently requested an ROI comparison for migrating its physical desktops to either virtual desktops or to an enterprise Server-Based Computing environment. The required investment and the 5-year Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for was nearly identical for the two scenarios, but the VDI option had a slightly higher ROI along with a shorter payback period required to cover the initial investment.
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