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My foreword to Desktops-as-a-Serivce: Building the Model

One of the appeals of DaaS is that it does not require much of a conceptual leap to make the jump from virtual desktops. When you think about it, the virtual desktop already exhibits most attributes of cloud computing: it can be provisioned on-demand from shared resource pools, accessed over the Internet, and scaled up or down instantly as required.
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The VDI Delusion illusion*

VDI has leapt the chasm that Terminal Services never managed to cross and is on the way to becoming a mainstream computing alternative. In The VDI Delusion, the authors make a strong argument that VDI is over-hyped. They maintain that Remote Desktop Session Host (i.e. Terminal Services/SBC) or even PCs are frequently the better call. But while virtual desktops may have only a 1.5% share of the total enterprise desktop market today, they continue to gain huge mindshare and momentum.
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BYOD as part of a Desktop-as-a-Service Strategy

BYOD increases productivity. At least that’s a common justification for acquiescing to employee demands that they be allowed to use their personal devices in the workplace. But while working with familiar computing devices may make individuals more productive, the resulting lack of device and data respository standardization can mean productivity reduction on an organizational level. Fortunately, just as server virtualization has helped unify data center computing, so can desktop virtualization – when implemented as a desktop-as-a-service strategy, mitigate the BYOD computing inefficiencies.
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