Nick Bowie, VCDX #202, is the 20th VCDX to join Nutanix

Nick Bowie recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Solutions Architect with the Solutions Performance & Engineering Team for Business Critical Applications. Nick helps Engineering and Product Management develop platforms suited to business-critical apps and validate the apps on top of the platform. Nick is focusing on SQL databases, such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Postgres. It is Nutanix’s corporate culture of transparency that first attracted Nick to the technology, and then later to joining the company. Five years ago, Nick came across the video by Ste ...
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The only thing converged in “converged infrastructure” is the purchase order

Photo by PixaBay User: NeuPaddy

I was at a CIO roundtable in Portland a couple of weeks ago and during the introductions, one of the CIOs said, “We’ve been using hyperconverged for the past five years on a Vblock.” My tongue still hurts from biting it. Could anything possibly be more unlike software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) than a Vblock?  As just one small example, upgrading to a new versio ...
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Tim Crawford on Digital Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor AVOA. Tim is one of my panelists for the session, Buy Less Nutanix. Run More Apps at Nutanix.NEXT in Washington D.C. later this month. I’ve known Tim for over 25 years and have watched his industry influence and recognition steadily climb as his perspective and advice becomes increasingly sought after by organizations across the globe. SK:  How involved should IT be involved in the ch ...
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