My panel at Nutanix .NEXT Vienna: Making Your Case with ROI

vienna-panelists-2016 I am thrilled to be moderating the panel, Making Your Case with ROI, at Nutanix .NEXT at the Vienna Hilton on November 11. The panel includes five IT industry leaders who have utilized Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform to help transform their businesses:
  • Joep Piscaer, CTO, OGD ict-diensten
  • Oren Nadja, CTO, Groupe Chantelle
  • Guillaume Belhumeur, Global Datacenter Manager, KERING
  • Jean Abouassi, Tra ...
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Reducing Oracle Licensing Cost on Nutanix

license-wall-5-1445048 Decrypting Oracle software licensing has long been the bane of IT shops. VCE President, Chad Sakac, recently devoted a blog post on the challenges of Oracle licensing aptly titled, Oracle, I’m sad about you, disappointed in you, and frustrated with you. There are some definite steps, however, that Nut ...
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Personal Reflections on the Nutanix IPO

Nutanix CEO, Dheeeraj Pandeey, and President, Sudheesh Nair, taking a moment of reflection after a very momentous morning at Nasdaq
At the age of eleven, I already knew that I wanted my own company. I prepared by earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and by reading scores of entrepreneurial biographies and autobiographies to learn from those who had founded great firms. After twenty-five years of starting, running, and selling two IT consultancies (both ultimately to publicly traded companies), I move ...
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