Hyperconverge Your IT Staff

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At large IT organizations, traditional infrastructure departments tend to look more or less the same. They’re broken into segments of specialties such as network, storage, servers, virtualization, and service automation. As infrastructure teams are built up, companies tend to hire experts that can tackle one specific segment of the department. For instance, ...
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11 Reasons why Nutanix is the Best All-Flash Platform

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All Flash Arrays: Dead Men Walking

All Flash Array (AFA) manufacturers may be rejoicing in the inevitable demise of spinning disk, but hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is increasingly upending the entire storage category. While an AFA may be faster and easier to manage than a traditional array, it’s still a SAN. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is not only a better platform for flash than the AFAs, but also than other HCI soluti ...
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Pure CEO disses Nutanix. OK, let’s compare numbers

billingsNutanix Billings by Quarter

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