Buy less Nutanix!

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“So you’re telling me I should buy less Nutanix?”

A CIO said this to me in Tokyo after I showed him our financial modeling methodology. Our sales rep was sitting next to me, so I felt a little uncomfortable, but I responded, “Yes. From a financial modeling perspective, why would you buy more Nutanix than you need? For one thing, maybe you’ll be acquired or something and the additional purchase won’t be ...
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Steve Wenban, VCDX #123, is the 19th VCDX to join Nutanix


Steve Wenban joined Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer aligned with the Western European Systems Engineering team. Steve helps with presales, customer adoption and in spreading the Enterprise Cloud Platform vision. His specialties include migration, architecture refresh, cloud adoption and disaster recovery solutions. He previously spent 6 years with a leading UK professional services organization.

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Hyperconverge Your IT Staff

Photo by flickr user Josep Ma. Rosell
At large IT organizations, traditional infrastructure departments tend to look more or less the same. They’re broken into segments of specialties such as network, storage, servers, virtualization, and service automation. As infrastructure teams are built up, companies tend to hire experts that can tackle one specific segment of the department. For instance, ...
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