Is new competition the cure for healthcare IT inefficiency?

I was speaking with the head of procurement for a large healthcare facility last month who lamented the $1M+ they spend annually on just pager service and fax machine lines. Never mind the 500 physical servers and all the SANs IT still supports. But bureaucracy and politics consistently undermine his efforts to eliminate anachronistic waste. The regulations and complexity surrounding healthcare, especially in the U.S., provide a barrier to entry making it largely impervious to the demand for technological efficiency that is reshaping most industries. The Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment

Financial risks of public cloud

NOTE:  This post was co-authored with Steen Dalgas “Traditional cloud sales models market opex as a key driver for adoption, but this is not necessarily desirable for organisations”  -  Deloitte. Capitalizing Your Cloud (Jan 2017) Purchasing commercial IT hardware traditionally requires a large, upfront investment. Customers configure these big, expensive IT platforms to cope with peak demands that may only last for a few days of the year. They reasonably ask for a better way to buy computing power…could they not just pay for what they use when they need it? Is public cloud the answer? After all, it scales elastic workloads up or down as needed – and all on a pay-as-you-go basis. Public cloud providers advertise low upfront cost and O ...
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AWS KVM adoption and Nutanix AHV

Nutanix, which strives to bring the best of public cloud to the on-prem data center, has long incorporated AWS innovations as part of its enterprise cloud strategy. Nutanix diverged from the public cloud leader, though, in hypervisor selection and launched its own customized KVM hypervisor, AHV, almost two and a half years ago. AWS recent ...
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