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Is Nutanix a VMware copycat?

“When Nutanix has gone down stack to try to build their own hypervisor, across stack to build their own networking, and now going upstack to compete against Horizon—we view it as sort of a copycat, wannabe VMware move.” –  VMware … Continue reading

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The time I called it really wrong

CRN’s Joe Kovar published an article today about Seagate’s EVault cloud storage business joining OpenStack. That reminded me of a story… 1998 In 1998, I ran a solutions provider business out of Benicia, California that was just beginning to focus … Continue reading

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Intel’s Nehalem virtualization game-changer

The revolutionary Intel 5500 series CPU (Code named Nehalem) was designed to optimize virtualization performance and enables far more bang for the buck than previous generation chips.
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