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What Your In-House IT Department Can Learn From Cloud-Computing

Although it’s undergone transformations in recent years, the datacenter remains inelegant and unwieldy. For an industry that advocates for agility and efficiency, the traditional datacenter seems archaic. IT staffs operating on-premises datacenters need to take some lessons from the datacenter’s … Continue reading

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The time I called it really wrong

CRN’s Joe Kovar published an article today about Seagate’s EVault cloud storage business joining OpenStack. That reminded me of a story… 1998 In 1998, I ran a solutions provider business out of Benicia, California that was just beginning to focus … Continue reading

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VMworld UCS sign brings back an unrelated memory

The sign made it clear that the massive display of 16 Cisco UCS systems at the entrance to Moscone Center was not just “blinking lights”, but powering VMworld. That made me think about how Barton Watson, CEO of the CyberNET Group, used racks of mostly fake servers with blinking lights to trick several banks into lending him $120M.
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