Thomas Brown, VCDX #187, is the 21st VCDX to join Nutanix

Thomas Brown recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer working out of Nutanix’s brand new Durham offices in the Raleigh/Durham area. In his (relatively) short IT career, Thomas has worked on the customer side, partner side and manufacturer side of the business.

“I got into the IT business through internships,” Thomas explained. “When working at a pharmaceutical company, I saw the value that virtualization brought to the business. I decided to focus on virtualization as a career move. After joining Varrow [a VMware Premier partner now owned by Sirius], my career skyrocketed. I decided to go for a VCDX in order to prove to myself that I had those architectural skills. What I didn’t realize is just how much I would learn from the process and how it would help me become a more well-rounded architect.”

Thomas first came across Nutanix while working at Varrow. His specialty was end-user-computing, and he was visiting a customer running VMware View on legacy servers and storage who had set up a pilot implementation on Nutanix.

“The log-in times for View desktops were faster than UCS and XtremIO, NetApp or anything else I’d ever seen,” Thomas said. “I started researching Nutanix and realized that its shadow clones, deduplication and overall architecture resulted in performance benefits beyond what other solutions could deliver.”

After Varrow, Thomas worked for another industry manufacturer, RES for a year and a half, but he stayed in touch with friends and colleagues who had joined Nutanix. He was particularly impressed by how they raved about the Nutanix team spirit.

“It has been great so far,” Thomas said. “It is refreshing to see an organization where everyone wants to work together to resolve problems. The opportunity to work with some many talented people at Nutanix is incredible.”

Thomas’ current role is pre-sales. While his primary expertise is EUC, Thomas also is becoming increasingly skilled at both automation and DevOps. He says that Nutanix Calm is, “truly transformational” and that he is looking forward to working with it.

Thomas reports to Ray Greene; SE Manager, East LA Enterprise Select . “Thomas’ diverse background and understanding of typical customer challenges makes him a great asset on the team,” Ray said. “Additionally, he has a dedication to achieving customer delight that helps further elevate Nutanix’s unparalleled IT industry customer satisfaction metrics.”

One of the huge benefits Thomas sees with Nutanix is the ability to simplify the datacenter. He says that a lot of other industry players are actually taking the opposite approach.

“Nutanix not only brings the simplicity of web-scale architecture to the datacenter,” said Thomas, “but also the performance. This allows businesses to focus on business outcomes rather than on infrastructure.  And they will be able to more efficiently obtain them.”

Given his EUC specialty, Thomas particularly likes the tight partnership between Nutanix and Citrix. “The ability to run Citrix on Nutanix AHV of course reduces TCO,” Thomas said. But Nutanix Makes it easy to get Citrix deployments up and running and also simple to both manage and scale.”

Thomas feels that Nutanix is 2 – 3 years ahead of the other industry manufacturers. “Competitors try to use misleading claims such as integration with VMware in order to try and compete. But Nutanix keeps innovating and will continue to lead the industry with capabilities such as AFS, CALM, Prism Central, analytics, etc. Nutanix has the portfolio to bring the enterprise cloud message to businesses – and to have them actually adopt it.”

Thomas’ advice to channel partners: “I know a lot of channel partners are a little bit threatened by the simplicity of Nutanix. Some even look at Nutanix as stealing services dollars from them. I challenge them to rethink that position. I encourage engineers to look higher in the stack rather than connecting servers to storage. If they don’t, their competitors will. Nutanix offers many areas where partners can add much more value to their customers including hybrid cloud, analytics, DevOps, automation, etc.”




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