Nick Bowie, VCDX #202, is the 20th VCDX to join Nutanix

Nick Bowie recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Solutions Architect with the Solutions Performance & Engineering Team for Business Critical Applications. Nick helps Engineering and Product Management develop platforms suited to business-critical apps and validate the apps on top of the platform. Nick is focusing on SQL databases, such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Postgres.

It is Nutanix’s corporate culture of transparency that first attracted Nick to the technology, and then later to joining the company. Five years ago, Nick came across the video by Steve Poitras (author of The Nutanix Bible) on deploying Nutanix in 15 minutes and realized that this was a game-changer. After looking more into the technology, Nick joined Nutanix’s first (and only) NZ partner at the time – ViFX.

Nick enjoyed his tenure with the solutions provider and put in Nutanix for both large and small organizations around the country. After experiencing the capabilities, linear scaling and financial OpEx growth model, Nick decided to never work with 3-tier infrastructure again.

Ultimately, Nick decided to join Nutanix because of the opportunity to work with a world-class team on a world-class product. “It’s been pretty amazing!” he said. “Very humbling.  I have a lot of learning to do. Very cool to be going from customer to partner to vendor – it’s been a great journey. Great seeing what’s behind the curtain.”

Nick said his first few weeks at Nutanix have been phenomenal.  “I’m not a fan of obfuscation of failures,” he said.  “The culture at Nutanix is very open and honest.  If something doesn’t work, no one tries to cover it up.  People face it and fix it. It’s very refreshing to see that. The level of transparency across the board is just amazing.”

Nick said that he decided to get his VCDX because of the challenge. “I wanted to validate my capabilities and prove to myself that I could do it.” Nick ended up being the first architect in the world to defend a Nutanix platform design for his VCDX certification. His next huge goal is achieving his NPX certification.

“I have no choice.  The peer pressure is enormous. I hope to submit my design plan in November. NPX is wider in its reach and scope than the VCDX, though the skill set is largely the same. NPX is a smaller pool of people, and I’m enjoying working with colleagues who are also pursuing NPX.”

Nick reports to Michael Webster; Technical Director, Business Critical Apps Engineering . “I’ve been a big fan of Nick Bowie for many years,” said Michael. “It’s truly great to have him on the team assisting both with our internal efforts at continuous innovation and improvement as well as with our customers.”

“With the direction that enterprises are looking to pursue and the cloud consumption model, Nutanix and Acropolis are very well placed to make a big dent in the market,” Nick said. “With the work my team is doing, there shouldn’t be any reason to stick with legacy virtualization. Our whole point is certifying enterprise mission-critical applications on the Nutanix platform and providing them with both confidence and assurance.”

“HCI is not the end-game,” Nick said. There are many different ways to get HCI, but we’re looking beyond that: Cloud consumption capabilities, automation and ease of scaling. The element that’s often missing from a “cloud-first” policy is including the ability to broker between clouds.  Nutanix provides a turn-key on-premises cloud, that can extend to any of the public clouds without requiring significant time spent figuring out how to do it. Customer choice/flexibility is increasingly important, especially when the customer has no control over the cost of public clouds.”

I share a similar channel background with Nick, and asked him what advice he would give to Nutanix channel partners. “Customers that have deployed Nutanix don’t have the problems we see with other solutions. My advice to partners would be to go #ALLin. The business is strong, the technology is sound. It doesn’t need to be difficult.”

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