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The blog post, Don’t be misled…HPE and Nutanix are not partners,
warns HPE customers, “Landing Nutanix software on HPE® hardware without any type of OEM or support agreement is going to cause real issues in the real world.”

I guess the author was miffed that Nutanix® announced that its software would be independently certified on HPE servers without HPE’s consent. While I sympathize with that reaction, the combination of HPE servers and Nutanix software is enticing. Like Nutanix’s OEM partners, Dell and Lenovo, HPE servers are well built with quality components and trusted X86 architecture. When Nutanix software is added on top of HPE servers, both stability and compatibility are ensured.

Support Without Concern

Nutanix has steadily expanded its hardware-supported platforms over the years. First was the Nutanix-ODM industry standard  servers, then Dell, Lenovo, Cisco UCS® and, now, HPE ProLiant®. When aligned with the server manufacturer, as with Dell and Lenovo, Nutanix enters into an OEM agreement with the server vendor. If not aligned with the server manufacturer, Nutanix has still proceeded with the decision to independently certify its software on the hardware manufactured by such companies. Nutanix truly believes that customer choice and flexibility trumps vendor preferences and relationships. 

The datacenter has been ruled for decades by a handful of manufacturing incumbents. Nutanix penetrated this domain and has grown rapidly by consistently delighting its customers. Nutanix stands behind its customers and ensures clear supportability regardless of the underlying hardware.

HPE server customers have no need to worry should they choose to implement Nutanix for three reasons:

1) Nutanix provides the industry’s best support. Its support services cover the full stack including Nutanix’s native AHV hypervisor, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Nutanix has a Net Promoter Score (the gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction) of 92 and has been awarded the prestigious Omega North Face Award for excellence in service delivery for the fourth year in a row.

2) TSANet is the world’s largest multi-vendor support community and includes members such as Cisco, Citrix, Dell EMC, Docker, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Intel, Juniper and VMware among hundreds of others. Both HPE and Nutanix are not only members, but have seats on the TSANet Board. The TSANet framework is designed to reduce friction for customers in situations where multi-vendor support may be necessary.  

3) As Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey wrote a couple of years ago in his post, Building things that people like, “We’re just a freakin’ app”. Software manufacturers certify hardware, not the other way around. Nutanix certifies its software on specific servers, thereby guaranteeing the outcome for its customers.

Nutanix HPE Server Support Statement

Nutanix is committed to ensuring the best experience for its customers running on qualified HPE Servers.  Nutanix will fully support any issues determined by the Nutanix support team to be directly attributable to the Nutanix AOS or Acropolis hypervisor in accordance with its existing support policies and support terms and conditions.  For any issues that are not directly attributable to the Nutanix software, Nutanix will use best efforts to work with the customer to isolate issues that are attributable to the hardware so that a relevant support case can be opened into HPE’s support system by the customer and, if requested by the HPE support team and to the extent feasible, to reproduce the issues on a HPE Server.

Customer Power

Customers demand choice. Organizations that deliver it thrive while those that don’t eventually whither. When Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO, he transformed the world’s leading software company from its “Windows first” mantra to a real commitment to all platforms including Apple, Android and Cloud. Microsoft’s stock price has since nearly doubled.

The world’s second largest software company, Oracle, also now offers customers more choice, albeit more grudgingly. In 2009, Oracle tried to convince its customers to use its own hypervisor by stating that its software was not supported on VMware.

VCE president, Chad Sakac, wrote in his May 1, 2009 post, Oracle on VMware – a Manifesto…

“Remember readers – you are the customer.   Don’t let anyone who sells their solution to you (Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, VMware – anyone) – to force you into positions you don’t like.   You have choices.   In this market more than ever (though this should always be the guiding principle) – speak loudly and firmly.  YOU are in the driver’s seat, not the ISV.”

Oracle customers eventually won and now happily run supported Oracle applications not only on VMware, but also Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV.

Hear and meet Nutanix CEO, Dheerej Pandey, SAP CEO, Bill McDermott, VCE President, Chad Sakac, Google Cloud Sr. Vice President, Diane Greene, Nasdaq CEO (and Nutanix customer), Adena Friedman and many other industry luminaries and Nutanix customers at Nutanix.NEXT, June 28 in Washington, DC.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are mine and not necessarily those of Nutanix, Inc. or any of its other employees or affiliates.
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