Steve Wenban, VCDX #123, is the 19th VCDX to join Nutanix


Steve Wenban joined Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer aligned with the Western European Systems Engineering team. Steve helps with presales, customer adoption and in spreading the Enterprise Cloud Platform vision. His specialties include migration, architecture refresh, cloud adoption and disaster recovery solutions. He previously spent 6 years with a leading UK professional services organization.

Steve said the fact that Nutanix no longer emphasizes hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was part of the attraction to joining the firm. “Customers are really looking at cloud plays,” Steve explained. “Having an enterprise cloud direction is extremely important. I liked Nutanix’s ability to provide a public cloud experience to on-premises infrastructure, together with the potential to extend the Nutanix Fabric to cover both private and public cloud platforms.

“Another attraction of Nutanix is the huge amount of talented people,” said Steve. “This talent extends far outside the VCDX pool. Just looking at who is around and available to assist is absolutely brilliant.”

Prior to joining Nutanix, Steve spent a year as an Enterprise Consultant with Atlantis, and the previous six years in various roles for SCC, a leading ($1.5B Euro) UK solutions provider. His last two years at SCC were as Virtualization Practice Lead running the virtualization PSO team focused on VMware and Citrix transformation projects.

In his first few weeks at Nutanix, Steve has been particularly impressed with the company’s execution with both the products and new starter onboarding process. “The training material and structure is great – far better than what I have seen before,” Steve said. “There is also extraordinary documentation in terms of reference architectures and deep dive technical stuff. It’s brilliant to be able to prepare to go into a meeting about X tech on X vertical and be able to talk knowledgeably.”  

I asked Steve if he planned to pursue the industry’s most difficult certification, the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX). He said that for the next 6 months, he plans to focus on getting up to speed and helping grow the UK business. After that, he may pursue the NPX but it’s not something he’s really thought about as yet, “I pursued my VCDX more to challenge myself more than anything –  at some point in the future it could be a good to challenge myself even more with the NPX.”

Steve reports to Trevor Kelly, Director Systems Engineering Western Europe. “Steve has a great solutions background with SCC,” said Trevor. “This is increasingly important as our customers migrate their 3-tier architectures to the much simpler and more efficient Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”

I share a similar channel background with Steve, and asked him what advice he would give to Nutanix channel partners. “Don’t be shy about reaching out to Nutanix for help.” Steve said. “Resellers at times don’t want to bother the vendors with what they think are silly questions.  But now that I’ve worked for a couple of manufacturers, I’ve noticed that the channel partners who are successful are the ones that are in touch all the time with the vendors. Don’t be shy about coming to us with questions.”

In his roles with SCC, Steve worked extensively with VMware. He commented, “Working with VMware in 2006/2007 was so exciting. I see that kind of potential with Nutanix – to really change the way people are doing things and simplify day to day management of IT platforms.”

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