My panel at Nutanix .NEXT Vienna: Making Your Case with ROI


I am thrilled to be moderating the panel, Making Your Case with ROI, at Nutanix .NEXT at the Vienna Hilton on November 11. The panel includes five IT industry leaders who have utilized Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform to help transform their businesses:

  • Joep Piscaer, CTO, OGD ict-diensten
  • Oren Nadja, CTO, Groupe Chantelle
  • Guillaume Belhumeur, Global Datacenter Manager, KERING
  • Jean Abouassi, Transformation Manager, Saradar Bank
  • Nassib Chamoun, GM, Cirrus Sal

Joeb Piscaer, OGD ict-diensten

Cloud provider OGD ict-diensten has outsourcing teams responsible for its customers. It needed to build an IT environment that was highly available for mission-critical workloads, but still very simple to operate. OGD ict-diensten chose Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform, and today runs nearly 100 nodes. While the business plan called for an investment payback after four years, OGD ict-diensten achieved it after only the first year. They service numerous customers on this platform, stretching two datacenters to provide high available IaaS services.

Oren Nadja, Groupe Chantelle

Groupe Chantelle has been making lingerie since 1876 and owns 7 internationally renowned brands. Groupe Chantelle’s most business critical workload is a logistics application which processes 100% of all goods before reaching the company’s stores or their e-commerce web-sites.

Six months ago, this logistics application, which was hosted on legacy 3-tier infrastructure, went down. This was the first time the company faced a major issue for getting the database restored. Groupe Chantelle subsequently decided to launch a large modernization plan which included migrating to the most reliable platform possible, which they determined to be the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. In the words of CTO, Oren Nadja, “Nutanix brings security, redundancy, performance, virtualization and high resiliency – all at a good price.”

Guillaume Belhumeur, Global Datacenter Manager, KERING Group

KERING runs world class luxury brands including stores. After a VDI performance problem on legacy 3-tier infrastructure, KERING purchased their first Nutanix nodes four years ago. Today the company has 45 nodes running around 1,500 server VMs and 300 desktop VMs in Paris, Hong Kong and the U.S. KERING expected to achieve a payback with Nutanix in 24 months, its fast-growing pace led to investment recovery in the first year.

Guillaume runs IT as a service, even billing internal customers depending upon the type of resources, backup and DR environments they want. Nutanix’s pay-as-you-grow model, superior performance, reduced risk and simplified management has enabled the business to  get better information and much faster deployment of new applications which in turn has enabled it to grow faster. KERING tends to go for, “a Nutanix solution everywhere.”

John Abouassi, Saradar Bank

The banking ecosystem is going through dramatic transformation as a consequence of changing customer behavior, increased expectations, technology proliferation and financial technology disruption. In response, banks are launching massive digital transformation programs focusing on enhancing the customer experience, enabling new distribution channels and harnessing the power of data intelligence. Continuous deployment and implementation of digital initiatives and experiences in a fast, simple and cost effective way are requirements of this digital transformation.

Legacy IT infrastructure cannot, economically – if at all, provide the responsiveness, agility and high resiliency required. The high CAPEX and OPEX of 3-tier infrastructure leaves the door open for low-cost financial technology disruptors while hindering business innovation initiatives.

Saradar Bank is capitalizing on the capabilities of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to dramatically reduce their time-to-market. Saradar, unhindered by legacy infrastructure latency, is able to create and deliver new services much faster while also adding both visibility and predictability from a budgeting standpoint.

Nassib Chamoun – Cirrus

Cirrus, part of TrustTech Holding (an ITG sister company), offers a comprehensive enterprise-class cloud computing and managed services portfolio, catering for different service models (Infrastructure, Platform and Software), and deployment scenarios (Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud). After evaluating myriad legacy and hyperconverged solutions, Cirrus elected to build all of its offering around Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Nassib commented, “We had to build a case proven by numbers that would show a reduction of both short-term and long-term costs over legacy infrastructure as well as provide exceptional analytics and enable integration with our cloud-based partner, Azure. Nutanix does all of this while enabling easy expansion as the business scales.”

Saradar Bank is one of Cirrus’ many hosted clients. As just one example of the efficiencies by hosting its clients on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Cirrus will save Saradar $1.14M vs. 3-tier architecture as it grows from 430 to 2,000 employees over the next five years.

Nutanix #NEXTConf


Nutanix .NEXT Vienna is sold out. It’s amazing to think that this first .NEXT in EMEA is bigger than the first .NEXT in the U.S. was just last year in Miami.


For those of you joining us in Vienna, I hope that you’ll make Session NF201 on Thursday November 10th at 10:15 am and hear our five panelists’ stories first-hand. Please come prepared with as challenging questions you’d like. We’re looking for open and candid discussion.


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