Shridhar Deuskar, VCDX #12, is the 17th VCDX to join Nutanix


Shridhar Deuskar (@IOguru) VCDX #12 joined Nutanix as Senior Manager, Advisory Services. He previously worked at VMware and then at EMC as part of XtremIO (Shridhar was one of the first 5 employees of the U.S. office of XtremIO prior to its acquisition by EMC).

“I see a tremendous opportunity for services at Nutanix,” Shridhar said. “One of the reasons I joined the firm was that I could hit the ground running and make a significant contribution quickly. I wanted to be part of something exciting. I like working in fast-paced environments, and Nutanix is a rocket ship.”

Given Shridhar’s expertise with all-flash storage arrays (AFA), I asked him how the hot technology fits in with Nutanix’s offerings (Nutanix currently offers only one all flash hyperconverged node). While a big proponent of all-flash, Shridhar thinks that customers considering AFA owe it to themselves to evaluate a hyperconverged solution.

“I feel AFA will eventually become mainstream,” Shridhar said. ”But Nutanix’s mixed disk and flash nodes deliver performance that is more than adequate. This performance is on par with AFAs, but much simpler to manage since it avoids multiple components. And Nutanix hyperconverged allows customers to enjoy the same level of capability and user experience as they’d receive in the cloud, but with more control and at a much lower cost”.

Shridhar is a member of the newly created Advisory Services group within GSO. He reports to Bill Hussain and is responsible for growing services revenues (all of which go through channel partners). Shridhar is working with fellow VCDX Jon Kohler as well as with Dave Elefante.

“Shridhar is one of the first group of VCDXs and has a great reputation within the industry,” said Hussain. “We’re really glad to have his assistance in driving the advisory services component of the GSO. We’re seeing organizations across the globe increasingly migrating from 3-tier infrastructure to web-scale, and the very experienced GSO consultants can help advise them in deploying optimal technology, process and organizational strategies.”

Shridhar is already working on a couple of specific delivery services including Vblock migration and a   Cloud Assessment practice.

“NoSQL Databases and some of the modern cloud-based monitoring apps such as Splunk, the Hadoop eco-system, and other new generations of apps have been purpose-built for a shared nothing architecture,” Shridhar said.  “The Nutanix platform lends itself naturally as the platform of choice for such applications. I am also thinking of coming up with specific services with this new class of applications.”

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