Brian Suhr, VCDX #118, is the 16th VCDX to join Nutanix


Brian Suhr VCDX #118 (@bsuhr) joined Nutanix as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer. Brian has worked for 20 years in the industry and runs the blog sites, Data Center Zombie and VirtualizeTIPs. Prior to joining Nutanix, he was a Senior Solutions Architect/Technologist at the Office of the CTO at AHEAD.

“After spending 4 ½ years on the channel side,” Brian said, “I was really interested in learning the vendor side of things. I’ve been approached through the years by a lot of vendors, but an important checkbox for me was the requirement to totally believe in the product and to get up every day with a smile on my face believing I was making a positive contribution to the industry. Nutanix definitely checked that box.”

At AHEAD, Brian helped evaluate new products and vendors so that the company could make good bets on what technologies it should focus in.

“If someone hasn’t already bet on Nutanix,” said Brian, “They’re already late to the party. The simplicity is a home run. Everyone talks about not wanting to spend 70% – 80% of their time keeping the lights on.  As I looked at legacy solutions and other HCI players, Nutanix is the only company really delivering on the complete simplicity story.”

Brian reports to Kevin Fernandez. He splits his time between enablement, reference architectures, best practices guides, tech notes and product marketing.

“We try to keep tabs on the really talented folks throughout the industry, and we’ve known about Brian for years,” said Kevin. “We’re excited to have him on the team as another ambassador of Nutanix technology and engineering innovation. Brian will help us continue to build and deliver solutions that transform our customers’ IT management experiences.”

Coming from the channel, I asked Brian what channel partners should be doing in order to thrive in the new era of cloud.

“If you’re a partner focused on selling widgets and boxes, you’re already far behind,” Brian said. “It’s OK to sell widgets as part of solution, but the only way to thrive and lead the pack is to sell services. Partners that sell VDI, build orchestration systems and help customers automate their environments will distinguish themselves and thrive.”

When I pointed out that Nutanix eliminates the back-end rack and stack and configuration services that many VARs depend upon, Brian remarked, “Nutanix eliminates the unintelligent back-end services. Nutanix takes only hours rather than weeks to implement, but it allows partners to move the conversation up the stack to the automation/orchestration level. Nutanix hyperconverged provides a great foundation for partners to help customers tie into Dev/Ops and private/public cloud.”

Brian says he is interested in obtaining an NPX certification, but for the next year he wants to focus on learning about Acropolis and all the Nutanix architectural nuances. He also is enjoying the opportunity to work with the rapidly growing Nutanix organization.



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