Ryan Grendhal, VCDX #65, is the 15th VCDX to join Nutanix

Ryan G 2

Ryan Grendhal VCDX #65 (@rgrendhal) joined Nutanix as a Senior Sales Engineer, North Central. Ryan designs solutions around Nutanix technology that drastically simplify data center operations, allowing Minnesota businesses to focus on innovation. Ryan previously spent 17 years in various roles in IT, the last six as a senior architect at Datalink.

“Nutanix’s vision and execution around simplicity is what attracted me to the company,” said Ryan. “While VMware initially brought a whole new level of simplicity to the datacenter, the architecture has become increasingly complex over the years. I’ve been looking for the next great innovation that would drive simplicity again, and am convinced that Nutanix web-scale is it.”

Prior to joining Nutanix, Ryan specialized in vRealize Automation where he got a lot of first-hand exposure to the difficulty in creating processes to simplify operations. The challenge is amplified when vendors and IT staff forget that the whole purpose for IT is to enable business. This means solving issues as quickly as possible so that the business can move onto other things.

“Products built by infrastructure companies to solve modern application needs won’t cut it,” Ryan said. These will only work with legacy client/server applications, but cloud apps define the future. Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor provides that bridge to the cloud.”

Ryan explains that Nutanix provides invisible infrastructure which addresses modern cloud apps. The simplicity emanates from the Prism interface, 1-click upgrades, VM-centric statistics and analytics-based proactive assumptions. The combination dramatically simplifies IT administration.

“We look for consultants who can bring exceptional value to our customers by thinking outside the box,” said Ajay Aggarwal, Vice President Sales Engineering Americas for Nutanix. “Ryan exemplifies the type of expertise, passion and customer focus that have allowed us to generate such phenomenal customer advocacy.”

Ryan is definitely passionate about technology and the industry in general. Coming from the channel, I asked him what channel partners should be doing in order to thrive in the new era of hyperconvergence and cloud.

“Channel partners need to redefine their value by moving up the IT stack,” Ryan said. “Designing RAID groups for IO workloads will no longer cut it. Partners need to be able to architect solutions that provide agility and faster time-to-market for the business.”

Ryan said that enabling business success all ties back to simplicity and to execution. But this goes well beyond technology.

“When I listen to [Nutanix CEO] Dheeraj Pandey talk and I see what our product teams are doing, I realize that simplicity permeates all levels of the company,” Ryan said. “It’s a very exciting place to work.”



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