How to upgrade Nutanix firmware – a very short blog post

Reading Derrek Hennessy’s thorough blog post last week about how to perform a UCS firmware upgrade prompted me to see what Cisco had to say on the subject. It turns out that Cisco has published even more detailed instructions. And here’s an informative post that Kevin Houston wrote last year about lessons learned regarding UCS updates.

I was curious as to what the equivalent process is for Nutanix firmware upgrades — keeping in mind that the Nutanix virtual compute platform includes not only the compute, but also the storage components. Jonathan Kohler (@JonKohler) and Jerome Joseph (@getafix_nutanix) provided the steps and screen shots.

Steps for Upgrading Nutanix Firmware

1 – Log into Nutanix Prism

2 – Select “Upgrade Software”

3 – Download the Target Code … (this comes from Internet automatic download)

4 – Hit Install

5 – Play 2048 while you wait

6 – Upgrade Complete!

An upgrade of 4 nodes requires 30 minutes, is rolling (one node at a time), and is non-disruptive (no compute or storage disruption during the NOS upgrade). And because Nutanix is truly software-defined, the existing hardware is enhanced with new features, bug fixes and significant performance improvement.

Software-Defined Bonus: Hypervisor Patches

In addition to Nutanix Operating System upgrades, organizations can also upgrade their hypervisor, NCC and disk firmware with the “Upgrade Software” link. This process is also extremely simple, utilizing pretty much the same non-disruptive workflow as listed above. Additionally, bios, bmc and  Ethernet firmware upgrades are tentatively planned for NOS 4.2.

FW 1



FW 4

FW 5

FW 7

FW Final

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