Meet Nutanix’s 11th VCDX, Richard Arsenian

According to Forbes, there are 1,645 billionaires on the planet. This is 9 times the 184 VCDXs. In other words the VCDX community is a very exclusive group. Obtaining a VCDX certification is an arduous process and only the most exceptional engineers are successful. These folks can pretty much work wherever they’d like.


Last July, I wrote a blog post about our (then) ten VCDXs who all explained why they came to Nutanix. The common theme was that Nutanix Web-scale is changing the industry similar to the way in which VMware changed it last decade – and they want to play a part.

Richard Arsenian (@richardarsenian) is VCDX #126. He joined Nutanix last month after previous roles at VMware and Cisco. Richard works as a Senior Systems Engineer in OEM Sales. Here is Richard’s response when I asked him why he chose to follow his fellow VCDXs to Nutanix:

“As technology experts, we look at new ways to innovate and often look up to those who pioneer the latest technology trends in the industry.

“The decision to join Nutanix for me was quiet simple; I was present when VMware introduced the concept of vMotion in 2003, leading to some exciting changes in the datacenter. Fast forward the exciting technology innovations introduced by virtualization  and the effects of Virtual Machine sprawl; the traditional 3-tier storage architecture has proven to be inflexible, introduce inherit complexity and more importantly responsible for  the majority of performance related problems.

“Various technology vendors have attempted to address the above challenges by architecting “converged” based systems or release all-flash based storage arrays in their product portfolios, however, this ‘band-aid’ like solution isn’t the answer to the challenges and problems we are seeing in the datacenter today. This is where I noticed Nutanix and began to pay close attention to the company.

‘Nutanix’s value proposition was simple – Bring the Web-scale technology goodness and operational model employed and pioneered by Google, Facebook and Amazon down to the enterprise in a simple pay-as-you-grow model. I began to investigate further with their customer case studies, and after applying the VCDX scrutiny (Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, Security)  against the Nutanix solution, my eyes began to light up.

“What’s more impressive is how @Josh_Odgers (VCDX #90) and I took my existing VCDX Architecture Design comprising of the traditional 3 Tier Server, network, storage architecture and further simplified it by transitioning to Nutanix’s Web-scale approach. Not to mention the cost savings associated with the operational aspects, eliminating technology\storage silos (Goodbye RAID and SAN!!) and power/cooling.

“People ask me, ‘what’s the next thing to revolutionize the datacenter’, and  I believe this is it! We’ve been consolidating applications quite well thanks to virtualization – now it’s all about datacenter consolidation and Web-scale. That is the next technology wave!

“I believe Nutanix has the ‘X-Factor’and its fantastic to be part of something that is changing the world.”

Mark Brunstad, who formerly headed up the VMware VCDX program and who now manages curriculum development within Nutanix Global Services at Nutanix, had the following comment:

“Nutanix’s technology is unquestionably revolutionary. This is evidenced not only by Nutanix’s exceptional success, but by how industry leaders including Dell, EMC, HP, VMware, Cisco, and NetApp have all recently come out with, or announced, their own hyper-converged solutions.

But what truly makes Nutanix special are the employees. Whether in marketing, engineering, finance, support, sales, alliances, etc., Nutanix strives to hire industry veterans with proven innovative and leadership capabilities. I’ve known Richard since he began his VCDX Journey. He’s an extremely talented Sales Engineer and Solution Architect and someone who’s committed to sharing knowledge with his team. He’s going to be a huge asset as we build our sales and services organizations. We’re certainly thrilled to have him as a member of the Nutanix family.”

Thanks to VCDX by the Numbers compiled by @bsuhr (Brian Suhr. VCDX #118)

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