Presentation on Hyper-V vs VMware Sponsored by Microsoft and Dell

Hyper-V vs. Market Leaders

IT expert Nelson Ruest has impecable credentials as a well-published author.  Then again, I've co-authored many Osborne/McGraw-Hill technical books, and you wouldn't want me anywhere near your data center.   But even I understand enough to see that this is a pretty weak attempt to show Microsoft Hyper-V as a legitimate contender to VMware.  Take for instance, the only criticism of VMware from the presentation:

“Hyper-V is based on Windows Server 2008 and because of that you can run these machines on pretty well any hardware configuration, any hardware configuration that is designed to support Windows.  So, that means that you have hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of configurations that you can run Hyper-V on  whereas because ESX Server, VMware is more…a more limited edition…a more limited product because of that.  You can only run VMware on maybe dozens or fewer number of server configurations than you can run Windows.”
Is this really relevant to anything?  How many ESX host options does any organization possibly require?   Furthermore, new VM hosting platforms such as Cisco's UCS will start to have a major impact in data center virtualization, and UCS is optimized for VMware.
Check out these links which do a great job of dispelling Microsoft FUD:




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  1. All very true Steve, but in the interest of providing a balance how about providing a list of links dispelling the equal if not greater FUD that VMware likes to spread.
    I rather think that watching marketing drones wrestling in a pit of their own hubris could make for an entertaining reality TV show.

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